Plenary: Pedagogical time-wasting

Having observed many hundreds of classes in 4 continents, I’m afraid to say that I’ve often sat thinking ‘Come on. Get on with it! Is that the best use of class time?’ And, many learners in those classes must have been feeling the same.

In this lively, highly practical session, I’ll list some of the activities which I feel are often, largely a waste of time and, of course, suggest a host of alternative pedagogical shortcuts, to keep all students busier more of the time.


Workshop: Becoming a more efficient classroom manager

A follow-up workshop to the plenary, offering you a chance to further explore what was said. Efficient group management is perhaps the key teaching skill. Too many ELT techniques prioritise individuals over the group, leading to a grindingly slow pace and bored students wasting time doing nothing whilst teachers interact with one student at a time. I’ll include a handout and at least 10 further tips based on errors in my own teaching. Avoid them, and you won’t be a dinosaur like me!



Paul Seligson has been ‘TEFLing’ worldwide for 40 years and is well-known for his lively, pragmatic training. An MA in TEFL and CELTA assessor, his many ELT publications include English File (OUP) and, for Richmond, Helping Students to Speak, Awesome, Kids’ Web, Essential English 1-5, English ID and IDentities 1 and 2 (Starter to C1), the first 6-level course specifically written for Romance language learners. Brand new second edition just out! He works freelance from his home in Brighton. Turkey has long been one of his favourite places on Earth, this will be at least his 30th visit, but his first to Gaziantep, and he's thrilled at the prospect!




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