Name of Trainer/Author: Nick Manthei

Nick Manthei is a full-time teacher trainer for Oxford University Press. He has previously taught in Istanbul and Izmir. He recently finished his Master’s degree in Education at Endicott College on International Education with an ESL Concentration. Nick has an optimistic outlook on Education in Turkey and the world and gives real examples of how education can be made better starting with the most important person in the school: the teacher.


Workshop: The future of teaching is with Coaching_

Teachers are the most important people in school for students. Research has shown that administrative decisions matter very little to the individual student, whereas teachers in the classrooms can make learning great or stifle learning. How does a teacher go from bad to average? From average to good? From good to great? Many might say experience, but John Dewey would say it is reflection on that experience. Coaching is just that: reflection on your lessons, done together with a coach. This is where teachers can grow significantly even in a short period of time, but the attention to long-term Continuing Professional Development is ever important. In this workshop you will see how coaching is not the same as observation, how coaching can lead to higher academic achievement and experiences I have had as a coach.


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